About Photographer: Stan Roban

Stan Roban  

I first studied photography as a very young man of 20 one night a week at New York Institute of Photography. At the time, I was also attending college at Fairleigh Dickenson University in Teaneck, NJ while working days going through the executive training program for Stern's Department Store. Photography has always been a passion of mine but so was business. I eventually found my way into sales and marketing eventually starting my own sales agency. I was able to utilize my photography skills photographing our products for packaging and displays. I retired twelve years ago and took up my hobby of photography, studying with teachers at the Boca Raton Museum Art School in Boca Raton, FL.
My wife and I live in FL 6 months a year and Long Island, NY 6 months a year. We love to travel which affords me the opportunity of photographing places throughout the world as well as in this beautiful country of ours.



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